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Buy a Levll launch kit for a low-income house in Mississippi’s Coast Electric EPA’s grid. The site host pays a cost savings fee of 67%, which is paid to the virtual owner. Levll charges a 33% maintenance fee, resulting in 34% of the cost savings going to the virtual owner.

The cost savings are measured as any beneficial difference in electric bill due to time-of-use metering, as compared to the standard base rate. The contract is for five years, at which point the site host or Levll purchase for fair market value, or is uninstalled and claimed by Levll.

Coast EPA guarantees any losses associated with time-of-use rates for six months. If the customer cannot benefit from time-of-use rates, the Levll kit will be relocated to another site or otherwise returned to virtual owner.

This is a community energy product. Virtual ownership is restricted to an electric bill offset not greater than 120% of annual bill. There is no guaranteed return on investment associated with this product. This is not intended as an investment vehicle, but rather as a way to offset an electric bill by using the cost savings of others.