If 3rd party security monitoring is desired, a 3rd party security hub is required (at least to my knowledge). Abode is a third party security company with decent hardware and software, which also integrates into Home Assistant.

The first thing I do is check to see if the devices are working properly within the Abode hub. They seem to be registered and working.

Next I will check out the Abode automations. The description is that the laundry room door is not locking upon leaving. So the culprit might be the auto-away automation.

Auto Away was not set up. So let’s set it up. The user phones have already been registered with the system.

The phone status triggers the automation.

The automation menu is fairly straight forward. The locks are added to the action, to compliment the “away” status change when the phones leave the property.

We are now ready to save the automation.