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    Commercial Kit 1

    Designed to monitor multiple subpanels, even if located in different parts of a building.

    Could be used to monitor the AC output of a building, battery inverter, and solar inverter. While monitoring focused, this kit includes a three-dry contact relays to enable other energy management devices based on demand or battery state of charge.

    Suggested add-ons: 40A Heavy Duty Relays, 120V Smart …

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    Residential Kit 1

    4GB Raspberry Pi 4 (CanaKit Basic), 64GB Sandisk Ultra, ZWave plus Smart Thermostat (RadioThermostat, Powerley, GoAlarm), Aeotec Home Energy Monitor, 3 x Zwave Plus Energy Sensing Smart Plugs, Zwave Plus Smart Stick, Zwave Plus Range Extender

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    Home Energy Meter

    Service panel monitor and more

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    Zwave Plus Thermostat

    We currently use RadioThermostat, Powerley, and GoAlarm thermostats which are white, modern, and muted in appearance. We will match thermostats when ordered in groups.

  • Add-Ons

    Heavy Duty Switch 40A 240V

    40A Zwave plus 240V Heavy Duty Switch Aeotec

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    Zwave Range Extender

    Aeotec Zwave plus Range Extender 7. PERFECT for eliminating Zwave dead zones.