We’re keeping things simple with

1 x 4GB Raspberry Pi 4 (CanaKit Basic Clear)

1 x 64GB Sandisk Ultra

1 x ZWave plus Smart Thermostat (RadioThermostat, Powerley, GoAlarm)

1 x Aeotec Home Energy Monitor

3 x 120V Zwave Plus Energy Sensing Smart Plugs

1 x Zwave Plus Smart Stick

1 x Zwave Plus Range Extender

Pre-programmed to fit your rate structure.

Integration with Alexa and OK Google for $5/month option from Nabu Casa

Don’t lock yourself into a proprietary smart hub. Compatible with all these devices.

Please allow two weeks for shipping + programming.

Start Today – $499

Levll kits should be installed by an electrician. We refer installers.

Read this before installing: