Levll kits include a Z-wave plus thermostat. If you do not need a smart thermostat, you may swap it out with a 40A heavy duty switch. Be aware that the switch requires an electrician to install. Although its strongly suggested a technician installs any Levll kit. We’re happy to refer a local solar installer to help get you set up.

Levll is not a manufacturer. We select quality, good-looking, “smart” thermostats in the ~$80 range, including open box items or lightly used items if it represents an acceptable value.

Our thermostats accommodate gas and electric, regardless of the combination of air conditioners, heat pumps, and furnaces, using a standard 8 wire powered configuration.

Nest and Ecobee are better thermostats. They cost more but do work with Levll. We like our thermostat better. Enjoy your heavy duty 40A switch instead.

Our thermostats are “Z wave plus” and look good on a wall. The thermostat will be a name brand (RadioThermostat, Powerley, Vivint, GoControl, or more recognizable brand names).

Then forget about your thermostat and get excited about your virtual thermostat. Change the thermostat on the phone or enable cloud-services for voice controls. But more importantly, the thermostat can be controlled with energy automations, being fine tuned to meet your energy needs.

Time of day, day of week, holidays, building consumption, electric rate structure, solar production, or even inclement weather can drive your thermostat settings. The possibilities are endless with the flexibility of Home Assistant.

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