A good thermostat either has the best economic payback or is the simplest to use. To some extent, you can’t have both. But would you be so kind to consider that a good thermostat may not be the best thermostat, but is similar enough in features and 70% cheaper?

The Levll Zwave plus thermostat is like a programmable thermostat in that it is kind of a pain to program by mashing the screen of the thermostat unit. It functions about the same as any programmable $40 thermostat. Nothing against $300 thermostats. Most of them are compatible with the Levll system. Some of them are charlatans. We’d prefer you sell your thermostat and use our thermostat.

Techies take note, this is an “8 wire” standard thermostat that can accomodate electric furnaces or heat pumps, as well as gas. C-wire (the power wire) is optional but preferred.

Like most magical smart home items, the magic occurs when the smart home takes hold. Within minutes, Nest-like thermostat features have been added to my local network. That means the thermostat can be controlled anywhere in the home, to those with the home assistant password.

So anyone with the password can do this on their phone:

The Levll money saving system comes from the automations, which are pre-programmed to fit your electric rate structure. Our $500 package is best suited for time-of-day or time-of-use rate structures. We also have cost-effective options for kW demand management.

For now, I have my thermostat to turn off between 6AM-8AM. I also use a smart plug (part of the Levll system) to turn the “always on” dehumidifier off during peak times. There is also a healthy “Time of Use Metering is Off” proclomation throughout the house that serves at 8AM as a whole house announcement.

If you want a Levll system, we are currently seeking early adopters for $500.

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