My Levll prototype is on worse hardware than the entry Levll kit.

I use a Raspberry Pi 3 w/ 32GB offbrand SD card, outside the case.

The entry level kit comes with the CanaKit basic (except we do the assembly), which includes their UL-listed case, on/off switch, and quickstart guide.

The kit also includes a Z-wave range extender, which helps improve wireless signal quality as well as increasing Z-wave range. I’m not using one at home because my apartment is not that large.

The Zwave thermostat will be modest in appearance. We evaluate, test, and use any new or like-new Zwave plus thermostat, opting for a white, clean aesthetic (like Powerley).

The thermostat itself will still be difficult to use, like all thermostats. We prefer you use the thermostat settings within the Home Assistant software.

If you need help with automations, we ask that you subscribe to the Nabu Casa cloud service. This way if you really mess things up, Levll can help you get back on track remotely. It’s $5/month, by the month, helps maintain the Home Assistant software, and gets Levll’s devices connected to Alexa and OK Google.

I turn my thermostat off from 6AM-8AM each day to fit my winter time-of-use rate. Here is my Levll system helping me out.

Next to identify the remaining load an see what I can do about that! I’ll use the energy-sensing wall plugs to investigate further.

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