The Home Assistant automation menu is empty. Let’s give it a purpose.

After creating a new automation, a “trigger” is created to turn off the dehumidifier just before 6AM when my TOU metering peak rate starts.

The trigger works with an “Action” or combination of actions. In this case, the plug turns off, waits a little more than two hours, and turns back on again. This ensures the dehumidifier is running at all times except peak times.

I’ve used the time-of-use metering search tool to identify the terms of my TOU plan. My TOU plan does not include weekends during peak times, so I add a condition to prevent the automation from running on weekends. Initially, it looks like the “time” condition does not include day of the week.

The official Home Assistant documentation says otherwise, so we might have to click those three dots in the top right of the condition menu to edit some code manually.

Later, we will look into the Workday Binary Sensor to find a more elegant solution and incorporate holidays. But for now let’s just use the time condition and some code. The official documentation shows how to denote time and weekdays in raw code.

That it! The dehumidifer is now programmed to turn off between 6AM-8AM Monday through Friday.

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