Control Your Electricity

Levll includes a smart thermostat, electricity monitor, electric water tank controller, and two energy-sensing smart outlets. Reduce peak energy use and more.


Internet connection is not required for system operation. Wireless communication occurs on the Zwave+ spectrum without reliance wifi. Optional cloud services at $5/month.


Levll uses wireless relays and sensors to manage your electricity, generating real savings by moving peak energy into off-peak times. Perfect for customers with variable electric rates.

Technical Support

Don't risk your money on private software. Levll uses open-source Home Assistant software to run, which is updated and supported by its user base. Join our chat group to get started.

Control your electricity.  

Levll optimizes electricity through digital controls. This is often both cheaper and more cost-effective than solar or batteries, while providing the data needed to right-size those more expensive technologies.

Residential customers can use Levll to take advantage of time-of-use metering, restricting devices to off-peak times.

Commercial customers can reduce peak kW demand.

Solar and battery owners can customize energy controls to reduce grid buyback, increase daytime energy consumption, power more devices off the same battery backup, or extend battery life.

Every kit ships custom programmed to fit the intended use and can be reprogrammed or remote accessed. Internet is not required to use a Levll system, but it helps.


We can refer installers.

Commercial Kit 1

Designed to monitor multiple subpanels, even if located in different parts of a building.

Could be used to monitor the AC output of a building, battery inverter, and solar inverter. While monitoring focused, this kit includes a three-dry contact relays to enable other energy management devices based on demand or battery state of charge.

Suggested add-ons: 40A Heavy Duty Relays, 120V Smart …

Zwave Range Extender

Aeotec Zwave plus Range Extender 7. PERFECT for eliminating Zwave dead zones.

Home Energy Meter

Service panel monitor and more

Zwave Plus Thermostat

We currently use RadioThermostat, Powerley, and GoAlarm thermostats which are white, modern, and muted in appearance. We will match thermostats when ordered in groups.

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Real savings from active electricity controls - not just monitoring


Time-of-use Metering

Levll controls your electricity without solar or batteries. Combined with a time-of-day rate structure this can save over 20% on time-of-use rate structures compared to standard energy rates.



Solar + Batteries

Bad buyback policy? Levll helps your electronics soak up more solar power. Off-grid or backup power? Levll prioritizes your devices to backup or manage more electronics with less power output.



kW Demand Charges

Levll takes non-critical devices offline during times of peak electrical load. This reduces the demand charge on a commercial electric bill.

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Open-Sourced, Expandable, No internet required


Levll kits include a Z-wave plus thermostat. If you do not need a smart thermostat, you may swap it out with a 40A heavy duty switch. Be aware that the switch requires an electrician to Read more…

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